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 Very Important 'Starting Levels for Cities in the Empire!'

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Very Important 'Starting Levels for Cities in the Empire!' Empty
PostSubject: Very Important 'Starting Levels for Cities in the Empire!'   Very Important 'Starting Levels for Cities in the Empire!' I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 12, 2011 11:19 pm

Settlement Levels Across the Empire,

For Moesia ,
Tomis - Large Town
Nicopolis - Small City
Pilippopolis -Small City
Marcianicopolis - Large Town

For Cappadocia,
Sinope - Large Town
Trapezus - Large Town
Antioch - Small City
Caesaria - Small City

For Syria,
Paphos - Large Town
Aleppo - Large Town
Damascus - Small City
Hierapolis - Small City

For Aegyptus,
Tanis - Modest City
Petra - Large Town
Jerusalem - Large City
Alexandria - Grand City

For Dalmatia,
Salona - Small City
Siscia - Large Town
Sirmium - Large Town
Serdica - Small City

For Pannonia,
Aquincum - Large Town
Luvavum - Large Town
Augusta Vindelicum - Large Town
Virinum - Small City

For Aquitania,
Burdigala - Large Town
Massilia - Small City
Lugdunum - Large Town
Avaricum - Large Town

For Lugdunesis,
Gesoriacum - Small Town
Vesontio - Small City
Luetia - Large Town
Turocum - Large Town

For Numedia,
Tingis - Small Town
Sitifis - Small Town
Caesarea - Large Town
Constantina - Small City

For Terraconensis,
Cartago Nova - Small City
Caesaraugusta - Small Town
Pompaelo - Large Town
Segovia - Small Town

For Africa Proconsularis,
Cyrene - Small Town
Tripoli - Small City
Thapsus - Small City
Carthage - Large City

For Baetica,
Brigantium - Large Town
Bracara - Large Town
Hispalis - Large Town
Emerita Augusta - Small City

For Britannia,
Eburacum - Large Town
Corinium - Large Town
Leguvalium - Large Town
Lundinium - Small City

For Germania,
Colonia Agrippina - Village
Argentorate - Large Town
Mogontiacum - Large Town
Treverorum - Small City

For Italia,
Messina - Large City
Ravenna - Small City
Mediolanium - Grand City
Rome - Nova Roma

For Byzantium,
Byzantium - Legendary City
Larrisa - Large City
Athens- Grand City
Thessalonika - Large City

For Bithynia
Ephesus - Small City
Nicaea - Small City
Smyrna - Small City
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Very Important 'Starting Levels for Cities in the Empire!'
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