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Own Rome total war: Barbarian Invasion? Join this its a role-play/real time strategy game that combines the traditional forum game with actual game play to full effect. Or maybe campaigning in the military is too much for you, become a governor or senator
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 Governing for Dummies IV- Resource Production

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Governing for Dummies IV- Resource Production Empty
PostSubject: Governing for Dummies IV- Resource Production   Governing for Dummies IV- Resource Production I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 12, 2011 8:13 pm

[b]Resource Production levels for provinces[b]

Note: It might say something like 1000/1000. This means that a total of 2000 resources are produced in that province. Half and half between the 2 resource types of that province.
This also means for non roman factions its 2000 for the 1 type of resource in that province.

lvl 1 free Peasant's 500/500
lvl 2 4000 denarii Servant's 1000/1000
lvl 3 8000 denarii Barbarian's 2000/2000
lvl 4 16000 denarii Worker's 4000/4000
lvl 5 32000 denarii Cheap Slave's 8000/8000
lvl 6 64000 denarii Modest Slave's 16000/16000
lvl 7 128000 denariiBuilt Slave's 24000/24000
lvl 8 256000 denariiStrong Slave's 48,000/48,000
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Governing for Dummies IV- Resource Production
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